24 octobre

21h > 23h30

A video work by Evelina and André Vida

Alone Together

'Alone Together' is a video work and first artistic collaboration between Evelina and André Vida. The video explores ideas about physical feedback and communication between two bodies. 

How does the internal process of improvisation relate to the external body? In the video, André is holding a plastic sliding self made musical wind instrument. He stands in a clearcutting in the Latvian forest, behind him is a person (Pauline Recke) who is fingering his face like a saxophone and breathing into the back of his neck. The ritual gestures of power expressed between the two, reinforce the unaltered identities of each performer, while moving towards a more ambiguous state of equilibrium. This piece was conceived as part of an exhibition, designed in concentric rhythmic cycles, sounding into the two rooms of Alma Gallery in Riga through video, ceramic, sculptural, and automated objects.


About the artists:


Evelina Vida (formerly Deičmane), born 1978, lives and works in Riga, Latvia and Berlin, Germany. Her fields of work are sound, video, photography and multimedia installations. She represented Latvia at the 53rd Venice Biennale (2009). Her artworks have been presented at the 15th Sydney Biennale (2006), the 2nd Moscow Biennale (2007), Manifesta 7 (2008), 12th Cairo Biennale (2010), Nordic Art Biennale, Sweden (2013) and solo shows in Latvia, Germany, Holland, and Italy. The artist uses mixed techniques in her work, experimenting with sound and visual elements. Her conceptual approach is tempered by existential moods and human experiences, creating a space where sorrow collides with happiness and drama is diffused with humor.


André Vida is a Berlin-based composer and saxophonist. He has performed widely as a soloist and has collaborated with a diverse group of artists including Anthony Braxton, Kevin Blechdom, Hassan Khan, Tarek Atoui, Hildur Gudnadottir, Max Loderbauer, Rashad Becker, Nico Dockx, and Jamie Lidell. He has worked closely with Anri Sala on performances at The New Museum, The Serpentine Gallery, the Roman Amphitheatre in Arles, Frieze London and the Havana Biennale.

Vida has been commissioned by The Tri-Centric Foundation, Global Art Forum 7, the 8th Berlin Biennale, Eyebeam, and the European Sax Ensemble to create new performance pieces focused on the medium and materiality of scoring. These works include explorations of interactivity, animation, lighting, and clothing design as elements of a compositional system based on the physicality of performance. A three volume set of his work from 1995 - 2011 was released on PAN, his piece for 41 saxophones, Minor Differences, was released on Entr’acte, and he has been featured in The Wire, TANK, Monopol, and Electronic Beats.