18 janvier

13h > 16h

Après l’EI : Visions pour de futur(s) Kurdistan(s)


Qu'est-ce que le "Kurdistan"? Historiquement connus comme «le plus grand peuple sans nation», les Kurdes doivent aujourd’hui répondre aux défis de l’après EI. Discussion avec des représentants des partis politiques kurdes sur les visions d'un futur «Kurdistan ».

Une conférence organisée par le bureau de représentation de la fédération démocratique


Conférence en anglais

What is “Kurdistan”? The region, spanning parts of four countries in the Middle East, has found itself at the center of the global conflict with ISIS in an ever changing geopolitical terrain. Historically known as ‘the largest people without a nation’, the Kurds now grapple with the challenge of what to do when the most extreme terrorist threat in the world is defeated. Unification under one Kurdistan? A continuation of the current divisions? Join Kurdish political party representatives for a discussion on visions of a future 'Kurdistan', exploring various political, social, and economic systems that could form the foundation for a new Kurdistan and a new Middle East.

About the Representation Office of North Syria in Benelux:

The Rojava-North Syria Representation Office in Benelux serves to defend the interests of all peoples present in Rojava-North Syria.  This includes the Kurdish community and all other ethnic and religious groups, such as Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans, Christians, and Yezidis. We strongly believe in the right to self-determination and the values of freedom, justice, dignity, democracy, equality, and sustainable development. We work to defend these values alongside basic human rights, the principles of secularism, equality between women and men, and the provision of humanitarian aid to Rojava-North Syria. Here in the Benelux region, we also work with the diaspora community of Rojava-North Syria, providing our people with general consular support.

This office further seeks to promote cooperation between the Benelux region and Rojava-North Syria on the basis of common interests and goals. By building relations between Rojava-North Syria and Benelux, we can create meaningful and sustainable connections and relationships for a foundation of positive progress and a future of friendship. Inside the office there is a documentation center; conferences and cultural events are also held here.


13:00 / 13:30 Accueil
13h45 / 14h00 Discours d'ouverture
14:00 / 15:30 Table ronde