5 janvier

16h > 17h

Une conférence de Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona

Digitally Mediated Iconoclasm (DMI): L’Etat islamique et la guerre à l’héritage culturel


 Antonio Gonzalez est Associate Research Fellow à l'institut Alfred Deakin et travaille sur un projet cherchant à mesurer la destruction de l'héritage culturel en Syrie et en Irak.

Comment comprendre la propagande terroriste diffusée numériquement, en particulier les vidéos et photographies illustrant les images de la destruction du patrimoine par l'État islamique (EI) ? Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona entend par «Digitally Mediated Iconoclasm» (DMI), l'iconoclasme véhiculé à travers le matériel numérique (vidéos, photographies, etc) que l'acteur politique perpétrant la violence (dans ce cas EI) rend accessible à la consommation, la duplication et la distribution.

Conférence en anglais 


This presentation puts forward a new concept to understand digitally distributed terrorist propaganda, in particular, the videos and photographs depicting images of heritage destruction by the Islamic State (IS). By ‘digitally mediated iconoclasm’ (DMI), we mean iconoclasm that is mainly experienced through the digital material (videos, photographs, and other propaganda artefacts) that the political actor perpetrating the violence (in this case IS) makes available in global informational networks for its consumption, duplication and distribution. In DMI harmful actions are staged in a way that emphasises three stages of the destruction: before, during and after the event. The manner in which these are disseminated through digital networks as archive and evidence are what differentiates DMI from previous acts of iconoclasm. By focusing on the DMI material that circulated the destruction of Palmyra, we offer a framework of DMI in the hope that it can advance some important analytical work in the intersection of heritage and terrorism studies and media theory, by looking into the consequences produced as a result of this meditation. By understanding how different types of media come together in the mediation of iconoclastic events we can better elucidate better ways of protecting heritage and effectively countering terrorist propaganda.